Introducing: Confidence Man

Confidence ManSometimes you just know. Not necessarily whether they're going to be famous per se, but that they're already special - right now, you just can't work out if they're the next Scissor Sisters, New Young Pony Club, or LMFAO. Sharing the same DNA pool of histrionic sex-pop that binds all three, we were blindsided by Confidence Man's powerhouse performance at the Louisiana for Dot to Dot 2017. Perhaps it's time you got better acquainted with the Australian four-piece now, because at some point they're going to be nibbling your ear at the bar anyway.

The band, whose identities are still as metaphorically veiled as the non-singing half of the band are literally veiled (not just in press shots, but during one of the sweatiest live shows you've ever seen), hail from Brisbane. What else do we know? Well, they've already signed to the legendary Heavenly Recordings, and label boss Jeff Barrett is pretty stoked about it. "It was a simple case of love at first listen", he told CMU. "Like hearing ‘Groove Is In The Heart’ for the first time. It was a joy of joys to discover that even after all these years I could still feel intoxicated after hearing a pop song." Their debut single "Boyfriend (Repeat)" has already been featured on Made in Chelsea. They already bagged a slot supporting Charlift, and Patrick Wimberly from the band already mixed their latest slice of pristine pop heaven, "Bubblegum". When you have to use the word 'already' this frequently to describe a band who are barely a year old, it's a pretty good indicator of their momentum.

Confidence Man has one more UK date lined up at the moment, at London's Moth Club on 28th June 2017. Maybe you should already have tickets?

Find out more about Confidence Man at their Facebook page, and listen to their addictive single "Bubblegum" below.


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