Introducing: Clouds And Thorns

Clouds and ThornsAs you can probably tell from much of the up and coming artists we've introduced to you here on DrunkenWerewolf, I have a penchant for dark and gloomy music. Waking up every morning to a stream of depressing news reports - failing Brexit negotiations, political turmoil in south-east Africa, another England bowler out of the Ashes with a side injury - you'd be forgiven for thinking I should want to pick myself up with something more uplifting on the musical front. Well, 'bright' and 'uplifting' are two words you can't avoid in describing Clouds and Thorns, a project created by multi-instrumentalist and producer Rich Andruska of Hazlet, New Jersey.

The inspiration behind his uplifting sound - a foot stomping, folk and Americana style in the vein of Mumford and Sons and The Lumineers - was a moment in Michael Moore's seminal Fahrenheit 9/11 when a tank gunner is discussing the best music to kill people to. From that moment on, Rich felt that his artistic responsibility lay in evoking positive thoughts and behaviour in his listeners, rather than the 'dark and gloomy' sentiments that I appear to enjoy so much. His latest song, "Dance on Broken Bones", was written in 24 hours for a suicide prevention benefit album.

This raises an interesting philosophical question: is a songwriter trying to make their audience feel a certain way, or do the people and events around them simply serve to make the songwriter feel (and write) a certain way; like they're holding a mirror up to their surroundings? Whatever the merits of Rich's view on the role of the artist, his music is disarmingly simple and infectiously happy, and his rapidly growing fan base is evidence that he made the right choice.

Find out more about Clouds and Thorns and listen to "Dance on Broken Bones" below.


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