Introducing: CLAVVS

Introducing: Clavvs

CLAVVS, featuring four-time Grammy Award-winner Graham Marsh and vocalist Amber Renee, possess remarkable pedigree.

Marsh’s awards have come through collaborations with Ceelo Green and Ludacris, while Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, and Bruno Mars have also utilised his talents as an engineer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer.

With their signature swirling synth and soaring, ethereal vocals, CLAVVS represents a musical departure from this impressive body of work.

Having released an EP, two full-length albums and 13 remarkable singles since joining forces in 2013, Marsh and Renee have wasted no time throwing themselves into this new project.

After completing their debut album halfblood in April 2016, recently released second album World Underwater has seen the band build on positive feedback with a slew of live appearances.

Their recent tour of East Coast America in support of the album has seen the Atlanta-based duo build a solid following across the pond, and will culminate in an upcoming slot at Sweetwater 420 Fest in their hometown later this month.

Latest singles “Girl” and “Silver Tongue” is likely to see the pair garner more attention this side of the Atlantic, having already been picked up by numerous outlets and blogs.

Having their 2016 single "Spectre" featured on MTV's Teen Wolf, as well as having several other tracks picked up by the in-store playlists for Forever 21, American Apparel, and Old Navy will also have done no harm in building up interest around this enigmatic pairing.

Both accomplished musicians in their own rights, the result of their collaboration is a mesmeric, compelling brand of trip-hop utterly unlike anything else currently available at the moment.

Find out more about Clavvs and listen to "Bloom" below.


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