Introducing: Chris Kasper

Chris KasperTo write an introducing feature about a songwriter who has just released their fifth studio album may seem a little unintuitive. That Chris Kasper has operated relatively under the radar for over a decade is all the more surprising, given the slickness of the songwriting and arrangements on said album, O, the Fool. Whether through the swagger of "State Trooper" (a Springsteen cover featuring the beguiling vocals of Kiley Ryan) or the rich warmth of "China Rose", the songs exude charm and confidence, leaving you wondering how long it can really be until Chris Kasper breaks into wider folk consciousness.

Perhaps it is something about Kasper's humility towards his own music - his Facebook bio reads like a Jack Daniels advert on the tube - that not only gives the songs this charm, but also explains his more gradual musical journey. He maintains the 'simplicity' of his blues-infused songwriting as its key selling point. The album marks, and is inspired by, the 800-mile journey he made from Philadelphia to Nashville, before settling in the latter. Self-produced with under-elaborate guitar/piano/mandolin arrangements (and Ms Ryan on the strings), giving the vocals space to breathe, it bears a freshness of capture that belies its self-produced tag. And the album's name (a reference to the tarot card 'The Fool') captures the essence of the wayward voyager rather poignantly...

For fans of Van Morrison, Nickel Creek and I Am Kloot, O, the Fool is an enchanting work, and worth a listen in full.

Keep up to date with Chris Kasper at his Facebook page, and listen to "City by the Sea" below


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  1. chris 06/08/2017 at 3:37 pm #

    Nice biograaphy, surely this guy would make a trend in entertainment

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    good one.

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    Nice bio

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    I love this writeup about the guy

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    This dude is making wave

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