Introducing: CHANCES

ChancesJust one single in, its difficult to make glowing predictions of sweeping success for French-Canadian trio CHANCES. Yet, if they can deliver on the promise of debut track “Shine” then there is undoubtedly a bright future ahead of them.

Building rich harmonies, thumping percussion and haunting instrumentation to deliver majestic pop, “Shine” is as accomplished an introductory track as you will find.

Consisting of singer-songwriter and pianist Chloé Lacasse alongside multi-instrumentalist Geneviève Toupin and drummer Vincent Carré, the Montreal-based band is still in its very first shoots of existence at the moment.

Lacasse and Toupin both have impressive solo pedigree behind them, with the latter scooping prizes for her 2009 French-language debut album. With both grounded in Franco-folk roots, CHANCES already seems like a bold diversion with much more to come.

While there is a growing buzz across the internet off the back of "Shine", it's the only track produced by the band at the moment. In fact, CHANCES are only scheduled to play their first ever show in Montreal on 6th March 2017.

With their debut leaving many hungry for more, it's now a waiting game to see what comes next for this extremely promising outfit.

Find out more about CHANCES and listen to "Shine" below.


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