Introducing: Carmody

CarmodyThere are some artists that, after about 10 seconds of listening to a track, you know will be big. They have a special quality; it could be their voice, the music itself, or maybe the lyrics. Usually it's a combination of all these things. Carmody has that immediate affect.

Hailing from London, Carmody draws you in with her voice, which is strong and controlled. Then the production hits you, smooth, like a more restrained Alunageorge. The lyrics are heart wrenching and relatable, too. She explains that the lyrics on her single "Skin" came about because, "It’s both beautiful and devastating how people you've loved can still feel a part of you long after they've gone.” All these elements combine, swirling around into a cool r'n'b pop sound similar to London Grammar or Jamie Woon.

It will come as no surprise that a lot of Carmody's material was co-written by BBC Sound of 2016 winner Jack Garrett's producer, Carassius Gold. It definitely shows. These are songs that were written with the sole purpose of lodging themselves in people's ears, and my God, do they stay.

Newest single "Two Spoons" is a perfect example of this. Sparse piano chords underpin Carmody's beautiful vocals before building into a glittering, subtle pop song. Its catchiness creeps up on you and it's the kind of song that you'll find yourself singing days later.

Her new EP Skin came out on 29th April 2016 and every song on it will sit deep inside your head for days. Every song off it could, and should, be a single. Get to know Carmody very quickly, because she'll be in the stratosphere soon enough.

Listen to "Two Spoons" below and find out more about Carmody here.


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