Introducing: Carla J Easton

Carla J EastonYou might already know Glasgow native Carla J Easton as the lead singer of TeenCanteen, but she’s been incredibly busy as an artist in her own right. As well as writing a track with Belle & Sebastian, which featured on their recent How To Solve Our Human Problems EP, she's also made a trip to Canada to collaborate with the producer of Arcade Fire’s Grammy-nominated album Funeral, Howard Bilerman.

Easton has returned with a very special collection of songs, which she's set to release as Impossible Stuff, her second full-length studio album. The latest single released from the album is "Wanting What I Can’t Have",  a sure-fire soundtrack to the summer with its brass-fuelled, anthemic vibe and thumping backbeat. The release features a single mix by Stephen Watkins, with remixes from Sun Rose, Alan Forrest, Out Of The Swim, and L-Space & Skinny Dipper.

Says Easton of the song: ''I want the first times – the first time you realise you've fallen in love, the first time you ride a bike in the sun and feel free, the first time you feel like you've arrived in a cherry-bomb burst – knowing I'll never have those first times again doesn't mean they can't still exist in defiant memories.”

The single was released as a 7” picture disc for Record Store Day, before being released as a limited edition CD single and digital download on 4th May 2018.

Watch the official video for "Wanting What I Can't Have" below and find out more about Carla J Easton on Facebook:


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