Introducing: Cape Mandala

Cape MandalaAs far as indie rock from California goes, Cape Mandala aren’t breaking any rules. They have, however, created a highly considered and well conceived bunch of pop songs in the form of their new sophomore EP Anamnesis. The record was released on 16th January 2015 through the band’s own label.

Comprising John Romana, Steven Soltani, Christopher Trimmer and David Bielsik; these four talented musicians may not have the following to match their drive, but that’s sure to change soon. Fortunately for everyone listening in the meantime, they’ve not let a lack of deserving attention get in the way of producing some seriously high quality music on Anamnesis. This is the kind of output you expect of mainstream radio, but amazingly it’s the work of homeschooled and brewed talent.

Anaemnesis can now be streamed in full here.

Listen to opening track “Disorder’s Here” below and find out more about Cape Mandala here.


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