Introducing: Brooke Bentham

Brooke BenthamEerie, beautiful and consuming: Brooke Bentham’s new song “We’ll Be Ghosts” recalls a time when ballads were ballads, and guitar and vocal were capable of making a poignant mark on their listener without the aid of studio intervention. This is talent at its most stripped back and basic, but that doesn’t make it any less worthwhile.

Brooke Bentham’s music has already touched upon the hearts of many. Communion Music are well on side following her recent performance at Notting Hill Arts Club for their monthly showcase. It’s unsurprising the new folk usurpers of London have capitalised on this South Shields artist. Although the label has strayed into indie-pop waters of late, Bentham follows in the footsteps of founding musicians like Alessi’s Ark, Rachel Sermanni and the solo work of Daughter front woman Elena Tonra. Elsewhere you’ll hear the fragile beauty of fellow Northerner Oonagh Ryder, and what Crack in the Road have already described to be “one of the most beautiful new voices of recent times.”

Things are winding down for the young singer songwriter as Christmas approaches, but she’s still up to enough to ignite suspicion she’ll appear on a few end of year lists this December.

Find out more about Brooke Bentham here and listen to “We’ll Be Ghosts” below.


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