Introducing: Breakfast Muff

Breakfast MuffLo-fi production and bass-led riffs? Check. Scribbled drawings of killer robots and girls with ribbons in their hair? Check. Photographs of band members in big jumpers casually slouched against a brick wall? Check. No, it's not another Hardly Art band: this time the noise originates far closer to home. Breakfast Muff fill many of the quotas required of an up and coming punk rock outfit in 2017, and that's before we've even gotten into the music.

This Glasgow-based band lack any resemblance to the Celtic music scene besides being closely linked to the blossoming Scottish punk scene. Most notably, frontwoman Eilidh McMillan is known for her time in Joanna Gruesome, while Simone Wilson (Hairband, Mary Column) and Cal Donnelly (Spinning Coin, Rapid Tan) have also paid their dues and learned the ropes in bands that have helped to shape the local Glaswegian scene.

It's with Breakfast Muff the trio is destined to make an impact, however, thanks to their highly charged and often melodic approach to writing about their feelings and stuff. Tellingly, they describe themselves as "like Hole but funnier" - though, in this writer's opinion, they bear a closer resemblance to Tacocat and other Stateside pioneers of the new punk rock scene.

New song "Feast" is somewhat misleading as it's sung by Cal and errs towards... Well, actually, it's just plain weird to hear a man singing a song that's so clearly influenced by riot grrrl. Not that "Feast" isn't enjoyable, but Eilidh-led songs such as "Babyboomers" are far less mind boggling and pave the way for the anthem-busting new album Eurgh!, due out 7th July 2017 through Amour Foo.

Listen to Breakfast Muff's "Babyboomers" below.


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