Introducing: The Boxing

The BoxingLeeds’ dark, psychedelic pop trio The Boxing are carving out an entirely different path to many of their contemporaries, and in the process helping to revive alt rock.

Latest track “One by One” is malcontent and ominous in the best traditions of The Vryll Society, all driving bass, and disconcerting drumbeats, and an unflinching but rapturously candid exposition on depression. Earlier releases “Annabelle” and “Violet Sun” demonstrate a slightly more melodious sound, but the most enjoyable part of The Boxing is just how easily they can disregard the barriers of convention.

Frontman Harrison Warke is joined by university friends Charlie Webb and Henry Chatham on drums and bass respectively, and the four years Warke and Webb have accrued writing and playing together comes through in their tight, familiar style.

Far removed from the lighter, electronic fare dominated the music scene at the moment, The Boxing are a gloriously unreconstructed slice of bleakness, refreshingly dour and grimy. Whilst bravery isn’t a word that would be associated with many musicians, The Boxing have displayed such a quality in delivering their engrossing, rewarding alt rock to the public.

One of the great pleasures of 2017 will be seeing this band continue to explore their sound in a more uncertain, post-Brexit landscape, where their music will provide the perfect soundtrack.

Find out more about The Boxing on their Facebook page, and listen to "One By One" below.


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