Introducing: Bora York

Bora YorkIf you're still in need of a solid jam for summer 2015 , look no further than Bora York's "Let Loose". It has the perfect recipe for a feel-good tune: a funky bass line, twinkly guitar melodies, and a blissful earworm of a chorus that you can dance to while miming passionately with a hairbrush.

Bora York are a five-piece from Minneapolis, Minnesota with a knack for writing perfect dream-pop tunes. Founded by Chris Bartel and his wife Rebekah, often their songs are recorded in their two-bed apartment, in the company of their newborn baby. "Let Loose" takes a turn from their debut album Dreaming Free, as Rebekah takes the lead with vocals. Her flawless voice compliments the music well and makes a unique combination of delicate vocals and funky musical accompaniments really work. The debut album has just as much of a summer vibe, but in a chilled-out, slacker-pop way - perfect for lazy sunbathing days.

Brand new single "The Way You Groove" is another sure-fire feel-good summer jam with playful synth and catchy refrains. There's nothing you won't love about Bora York, especially if you're a fan of Jaws, Fickle Friends, or just general fun. With these recent singles, the second album is looking very promising indeed, so make a note of the name and go have a listen.

For more information about Bora York head over here. Listen to "Let Loose" below.


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