Introducing: Bonsai

BonsaiRightfully pitched for fans of Neko Case, Mazzy Star and Jeffrey Lewis – New York City’s Bonsai nevertheless walk with a distinctly chipper bob to their step. It carefully moves them away from the folk and country bracket you might otherwise expect of such comparisons.

Launching with a song suitably called “Bonsai Tree”; the project comprises singer songwriter and general do-everything Simone Stevens. Working on her trade under her own name for several years, she recently launched the dream-pop project to incorporate genres she’s thus far left untouched. The results are charming and twee, but mature enough to stand the tests of time and adulthood.

“Bonsai Tree” is taken from debut EP Bonsai, on which Stevens worked with band mates Dan Molad, Pete Lalish and Greg McMullen. It's out now and can be streamed here. It will be followed by a self-titled album due for release on 27th May 2014.

Listen to “Bonsai Tree” below and find out more about the project here.


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