Introducing: Bloom Twins

Bloom TwinsEthereal vocals and taking a floor seat to play the keyboard; there’s more to the Bloom Twins than simple good looks, although that’s sure to help them on the pop scene they aspire to be a part of.

Now based in London, Anna and Sonia Kuprienko originate from the Ukraine, calling a small town just outside of Kiev their home. Theirs is a sound that transcends common land however, subtle in its trajectory but nevertheless leading a path straight to your heart, by way of Warpaint styled vocals and the twinkle of keys.

Bloom Twins have, perhaps unsurprisingly given the admitted simplicity of their childhood, rejected the “materialistic, narcissistic lifestyles of most people their age”. That little trinket however doesn’t go hand in hand with their image, which is about as sharp as a flick knife and certainly primped for a mainstream career. Whatever their end goal, with MTV IGGY stance on their side and already signed to WME, they’re sure to realise it before the year is out.

Check out Bloom Twins’ new video for their song “Fahrenheit” below. Find out more about the band, including tour dates and recent London-centric activites here, where you can also find a recent session the Bloom Twins did with KORE.


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