Introducing: BIYO


Heralding from the musical hotbed of Nashville, Biyo couldn’t be further from the traditional country sound that the area is historically synonymous with.

Instead, the duo has developed a hypnotic, unique blend of electro-pop, mixing styles with aplomb.

Describing themselves as ‘deconstructionist pop,’ Biyo – also known as Grayson and Sam – simply don’t fit conventional, pre-existing labels.

Comparisons to the likes of BASECAMP and Jai Paul offer an indication of what's to come, but be prepared to expect much more.

Latest release "Focus", is an unrelenting cascade of electronic beats and distorted vocals, a case study in taking a genre and twisting it into something entirely new.

While earlier releases "Seasons" and "Bliss" are impressive releases in their own right, "Focus" has the feel of a band finally discovering their sweet spot.

Since first putting a release out almost a year ago, Biyo has steadily been gaining widespread attention. While most of their live appearances are at well-known venues in the Nashville area, it shouldn’t be long before they get plenty of offers to spread their wings.

The pair has also started collecting producer credits with the likes of Milly Roze and CAPPA, whilst their remix of "Everything" by Kaptan is yet another indicator of their impressive array of talents.

Despite the natural restraint that pervades much of what they do – their Facebook page shows just 13 posts over 11 months – Biyo are most certainly an act to keep an eye on over the next 12 months.

Listen to Biyo's "Focus" below.


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