Introducing: Bête Noire

bete noireIf you’re into millennial post-punk with a lust for catchy hooks and driving bass lines, than look no further than London-based outfit Bête Noire. While their name seems both sophisticated and suave, their sound is brash and frontal. Influenced by the gritty bitterness of The Fall and the poppy undertones of Echo & the Bunnymen, Bête Noire match a vivid sound that is both dark and nostalgic. Despite only having been an entity since mid-2013, the five-piece have already built up an impressive reputation in London's independent scene with their darkly sinister brand of indie-rock.

Bête Noire’s fiery and foulmouthed new single “Bile” is a bold, heavy pounding mix of dismal textures and sharp lyrics. While the band’s 80s influences are apparent, they also channel a sound that mixes the volatility of post-punk and shoegaze with the melodic indie timbres of artists like Editors and Interpol. Capturing a genuine melancholy, “Bile” is a sultry, sleazy cut of infectious rock that earmarks Bête Noire out as a serious one to watch this year.

After releasing their debut track “Shut Your Mouth” in late 2013, Bête Noire have performed an almost relentless stream of acclaimed London shows, leading to supports with the likes of Tripwires and Bernard Butler. Rapidly earning plaudits and critical acclaim from a number of journalistic heavyweights, Bête Noire’s uncompromising, harsh brand of indie music is a fresh avenue for hardcore indie fans. Offering something both old and new, Bête Noire collapse a yearning 1980s nostalgia with a fresh and ready sound that certainly justifies the praise received from critics.

The guitars are serrated, the percussion is punchy and the lyrics from frontman David M Hargreaves are scathing, as he spits out lines like “wash your mouth out, wash your fucking mouth out, wash your mouth well, remember she will rat you out” on the aforementioned single “Bile”. Yes, Bête Noire are a band that you’ll be seeing on a lot of ‘ones to watch’ lists throughout the remainder of 2015.

Listen to "Bile" below and find out more about Bête Noire here.


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