Introducing: Beat Degeneration

Beat DegenerationGloriously lo-fi and unapologetically infectious, Italian trio Beat Degeneration are led by mercurial frontman, Guido Giorgi.

Beyond that, there is little known about this band, whose laid back approach to social media and self-promotion is reflected in their music. Yet this unlikely group has gradually put together a pretty remarkable set of tracks that deserve wider acclaim.

Debut album Dream Machine, which is available for free download from Bandcamp, seems to be taken from another era. Its gentle, lazy rhythms get under your skin effortlessly, in what is a welcome throwback to the early 90s shoegaze sound. At times you feel this is the album The Jesus and Mary Chain would make after spending a long summer in Venice.

The undoubted standout track is opener "Nations", which, on its own, represents a remarkable two minutes and 29 seconds of musical endeavour, the quintessential slacker punk anthem. On this album, it is simply the cherry on top of a ten-song album that is at once relaxing, uplifting and eye opening.

“I Wanna Live In NYC” is altogether spikier and more in-your-face. Closing track ‘nowhere is a seven-minute epic, taking in dreamy soundscapes and wistful vocals to leave you in no doubt of the substance beneath the trio’s clear style. Elsewhere, the acoustic chimes of “I’m Not Good Enough” quickly evolve into the sort of raucous slacker punk track that would light up most venues.

Indeed, a full listen of ‘Dream Machine’ is enough to start hankering for a live show, and with a number of European dates completed last year, hopes are high they will visit this side of the channel very soon.

Find out more about Beat Degeneration and listen to "Nations" below.


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