Introducing: Bat Manors

Bat ManorsBat Manors find a home in the relatively unchartered and presumably dusty territory of the Utah music scene. If their new single “Manifest Destiny” is anything to go by, this time next year they’ll rule the world. The track was recently released through Bleed101 Records and has already picked up high praise from Blah Blah Blah Science; a good Stateside indication if ever there was one.

Describing their sound as ‘folk-core’ to a tee, there’s way more bite to Bat Manors' résumé than the tagline suggests. “Manifest Destiny” has an undercurrent of classic British folk to it, calling to mind the well-sung genius of Nick Drake. It’s certainly hard to think of another contemporary folk act making this special brew, and for that reason alone Bat Manors are unarguably one of a kind.

The project is the brainchild of singer songwriter and band vocalist Adam Klopp, whose backing roster is seemingly constantly in flux, but currently comprises Bret Meisenbach, Landon Young, Katrina Ricks, Mike Dixon, Jacob Hall and Kyle Hooper. A “story of love, sexual discovery, and losing your faith in one of the most faith-driven communities in the world,” their debut album Literally Weird is due for release on 26th January 2015 through Bleed101 Records and promises to be an early highlight of the year.

Listen to “Manifest Destiny” below and find out more about Bat Manors here.


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