Introducing: Basement Revolver

Basement RevolverSome music makes you think about warm, colourful days that take you back to summer, and we love that music, but with the sun beginning to slip away before its even 4pm, it is probably time to accept that summer ended a while ago and embrace the music that complements this darker season. And no we don’t mean Christmas carols – right now we mean Canadian band Basement Revolver and their collection of effective and thoughtful rock music.

Basement Revolver are Chrisy Hurn (guitar/vocals), Brandon Munro (drums) and Nimal Agalawatte (bass/synth); a group from Hamilton, Ontario who inject powerful emotion into their variety of fuzzy indie rock. Signed to Fear of Missing Out records, the band released their debut and self-titled EP earlier this year. On it are four songs that will mimic the stubbornness of thoughts that are too hard to shake by sticking in your head well after you’ve played them.

EP opener “Words” is a reverb heavy track that echoes the ideas and feelings you might have when you’re walking home alone at night and have allowed yourself to get caught up in your own head. It’s three and a half minutes of rumination gently voiced by Hurn that will take your mood right down, before lifting your spirits ahead of ending; a key change turns the repeated mantra “words are just words are words are words” from almost melancholic to willingly accepting.

Expect to be captivated from the first few seconds of last track “Family”, drawn in by Agalawatte’s thick and fleshy bass line and Munro’s tight control of his high hat. You'll hear Hurn reaching out to and musing over the experiences of various family members while the track slugs on with its pounding rock narrative - darkness has never sounded so good.

Listen to “Words” below and find out more about Basement Revolver here.


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