Introducing: Bad Bad Hats

Bad Bad Hats"Midway between the end and the start," vocalist Kerry Alexander sings, midway through, uh, "Midway", "I cried like a baby, I tore you apart..." And as that last bar slinks toward the end, all tight power chords and cute vocal inflections, your rhythmic anima begs for two handclaps. Bad Bad Hats duly comply, and Lord, it feels good. There's a lot to be said for a band who can crank out their DIY indie rock with the killer precision of Tusk-era Fleetwood Mac, so perhaps it's no surprise Pitchfork have already had some nice things to say about them.

Hailing from Minneapolis, the trio - Alexander, drummer Chris Hoge, bassist Noah Boswell - were spotted by local label Afternoon Records in 2013, who immediately signed them up. The It Hurts EP arrived that year, and debut Psychic Reader followed in 2015. Both showcase the band's variety of styles and tempos, from spiky post-punk ("Shame") to Americana-tinged acoustic ballads ("Things We Never Say", "A Bout") to electronic pop shimmying ("Cruella"). Alexander is straightforward about her desire for both variety and the magic of a well-executed pop song, as she discussed with Interview Magazine: "When I was younger, when I became a teenager, I went through the phase of feeling like pop music means nothing, but now I have a great appreciation for pop songwriters and how much goes into that. The production is clean and everything about it is designed to hook you."

Regardless of any teenage misgivings, the band have located that sweet spot at the intersection of catchy and poignant, and seem like they're just going to keep hammering it. The band are still busy, heading off on a summer tour of the eastern states this week. There are no UK dates as yet, but we've got our fingers crossed that Bad Bad Hats will be stomping over with a new album ASAP.

Find out more about Bad Bad Hats at their website, and watch the video for "Midway" below.


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