Introducing: Baby Dayliner

Baby DaylinerBorn and raised in New York City, indie rock artist Baby Dayliner has been immersed in the city's music scene since 2002.

Dayliner, aka Ethan Marunas, initially went to school for performing arts and music. He continued to have a disheartening experience with bands and eventually pursued his solo career. Marunas has an extensive repertoire as a music producer, producing several rap artists and even playing violin on an album he produced.

Baby Dayliner released his acclaimed album Critics Pass Away in 2006, following a tour with The National that garnered Dayliner (cough) national attention. Most recently, Dayliner released three-song EP Key Largo in August 2018, with eclectics beats and cabaret vocals that are reminiscent of Beirut and Arcade Fire.

Marunas has varying and extensive influences that range from 80s-synth pop and underground rap to 50s rockabilly and Japanese kabuki theatre music. Interestingly enough, all of the aforementioned influences can be heard in Dayliner's music. Simple and complex at the same time, the apparent 80s synth pop beats are juxtaposed by straightforward vocals... Yet everything comes together harmoniously.


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