Introducing: Ary

aryHailing from Norway, Ary is a young and talented musician set to dominate the airwaves with her atmospheric, electronic music. She further cements what we already knew; that Scandinavia is the undisputed power house for alternative pop.

Ariadne Loinsworth, performing under her lifelong nickname Ary, gives us a mature, professional sounding take on her electro pop. An impressive feat considering she only started making music two years ago.

Her debut track "Higher" is an enticing insight into her musical world. It showcases her strong acrobatic vocal, and complex building and falling synth that gives for a heightened atmosphere throughout. The music has enough of a groove to also make it youthful and energetic.

The song now has a visual accompaniment of aesthetically pleasing landscapes that seems to compliment the track perfectly.

Her sophomore track, "The Sea", is slower and just as undeniably atmospheric, her production is truly mesmerising and euphoric. It’s not gone unnoticed; the track has been used an advert for a new Norwegian TV-Series called Nobel.

The Scandinavian-articulated lyrics make us nostalgic for The Knife, while the theatricality also nod towards the likes of Aurora and Lorde. However ARY's music is stylish and relies on electronics in ways that none of the mention acts do, which is what makes her such an exciting new artist: the production in these tracks is flawless.

Ary is only just starting to connect the dots with her music and it seems we will be waiting a while for a feature length album. She’s just been confirmed for next year’s SXSW which can make rising musicians careers and there’s no doubt that this could very well happen for Ary.

Find out more about Ary here and listen to "Higher" below.


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