Introducing: Anna Arco

Anna ArcoYou can picture Anna Berglund, better known as jazz and folk-pop inspired singer Anna Arco, taking a train out of her hometown of Stockholm to the Swedish coastline, clambering onto the rocks there and looking out onto the Baltic Sea with only her imagination for company. Her most recent music has that solitary air about it - her gorgeous vocals standing tall on minimal layers of instrumentation.

Indeed, she captures the immutable rolling and swelling of the waves on her single, "The Ocean", with its sparse piano and smatterings of percussion complete with cymbal crash for the waves, her voice dancing over the top. Even her faster, jazzier new electronica infused single, "Dagger to the Heart" (think Submotion Orchestra), retains this simplicity; her folky vocals, almost Bhangra-like in style, are always the focus of your attention.

Anna's eclectic style can perhaps be traced back to her musical education. At school, she played a range of instruments (bass, piano, sax, block flute, etc) but with little by way of music lessons, before doing a masters course in jazz vocals at Stockholm's Royal College of Music. As a self-confessed cryptic crossword nut, I particularly like how she came up with her stage name, which strengthens the impression of her as a lone wolf. She describes in an interview with Scandinavian Q and A magazine: "If you put it together ... "annaarco" ... and disassemble, ann aarco, and remove and add, an archos, it becomes the Greek foundation of the word "anarchism" which means "without rulers or leaders". And that's me. As I'm composing and releasing my music on my own."

The 'going it alone' route seems to be doing wonders for her so far...

Find out more about Anna Arco and listen to "The Ocean" below.


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