Introducing: Ambiere

Ambiere‘Fairytale’ and ‘grunge’ are perhaps two words you wouldn’t expect to hear together. But this is how Ambiere, an exciting electronica trio from Manchester, describe themselves, and you can understand why. What could perhaps be put down to a group of musicians - Jake Blythe, Amber Lane-McIvor and Oliver Lamb - still finding their feet in their own music, results in something fun, varied and mildly chaotic.

Because ‘electronica’ is only a small part of the story. Whether it's the jazz drenched swagger of "Intelligence", with its bouncing bass lines and some mild scat singing, or the epic Tori Amos-esque strings and acoustic vibes on the eponymous single, their debut Tree of Life EP sounds like the record of three musicians at BIMM with different musical outlooks coming together and creating something without wanting anything to go to waste. And it’s great, which is perhaps unsurprising – logic tells us that to write something new and different, you want to avoid all being on the same page, a page that already exists. If you were going to try and compare them to anything, early Florence and The Machine wouldn’t be a bad place to start, but it's still a fair way off.

So when "Sparkly Marmalade", which does what it says on the tin (whatever that is), rather caught me off guard by segueing from chiming picked guitar chords into something that would sit well in an Ibiza club, one can imagine the exciting debut album we can expect when they’ve focused their talents in to a more consistent sound. Their new single "I See Faces", released early December, is a great next step, incorporating their electronica groove, pulsating guitar and Lane-McIvor's glorious vocals.

Listen to Ambiere's new single "I See Faces" below, and find out more about the band on Facebook.


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