Introducing: Adwaith

AdwaithI'm happy to learn I'm not the only person who's relied on their mum for band name inspiration. Adwaith found their name when one of their mums asked what "reaction" was in Welsh, and they decided to call themselves after the word. But while they describe this selection method as lazy, there's certainly nothing lazy about their thoughtfully crafted music.

The trio hail from Carmarthenshire in Wales and have built a loyal fanbase at home, where they've been championed by BBC Radio Wales and will be playing Green Man festival in the summer. Consisting of Hollie Singer on vocals and guitar, Gwenllian Anthony on bass, keys and mandolin, and Heledd Owen on the drums, the band have revealed their desire to draw more attention to the burgeoning music scene in Wales, and Singer sings in a mixture of English and Welsh. The latter, combined with her delicate voice, lend their songs a unique texture.

Instrumentally, their singles to date show off a range of moods; anything between the rough, grungy rock sound of "Newid", to the more experimental pop sound of "Lipstick Coch", appealing to fans of early Metronomy. Their latest single "Feel I Fod", released in February via Libertino Records, is a beautiful track, leaning towards folk-pop and reminiscent of a more stripped-back Sigur Ros. Built on a shimmering blend of electric guitar tones, it drifts along effortlessly and boasts a disarmingly simple chorus. This new sound direction hints at an exciting time ahead for the trio, surely the future darlings of the Welsh music scene.

Find out more about Adwaith on Facebook and listen to "Lipstick Coch" below.


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