Introducing: Aaron Taos

aaron taosBrooklyn-based musician Aaron Taos has put out four singles so far this year, impressively uploading a new track to his Soundcloud account every three or four months. Seemingly very content in mixing genres: he can fuse r'n'b pop sounds with clever guitar licks, making him a rather refreshing new artist.

What you get with Taos is wonderful synth-pop sounds colliding with deep modern beats on tracks like “Not Over Yet” and “Off My Mind”. Yet his latest offering “Bangs” has a real lo-fi, indie guitar feel. According to Taos: “The song is about a girl I had a crush on senior year of college but was too scared to talk to.” Although this formula of writing is tried and tested time and time again, it’s not just the musical flavours he creates over his heartfelt lyrics that stand out. “Bangs” is bursting with guitar hooks and solos, too.

A force throughout these tracks is Taos’s deep gravel stones. Not only can he sing, but he also enjoys harmonising over his main vocal take, proving further his flair for building musical layers in the production stages. But how does he bridge the gaps between indie, r'n'b, pop and modern synth? Well, check out stand-out track “These Days”. Even though sadly one lyric explains, “I should have got there quicker, but I was too busy flexing.” It’s still an absolute belter of a modern pop song, far edgier than what anyone else is doing in pop music right now. And by mixing so many genres in his music, he should have no problem winning over the masses once that debut drops.

Find out about Aaron Taos and listen to "These Days" below.


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