DrunkenWerewolf’s Festival Infographic with Bupa

BupaWhat's the biggest peril you've ever faced at a festival? DrunkenWerewolf has teamed up with the one and only Bupa to bring a shiny new infographic to your eyes - quite literally.

For the infographic, which explains what (not) to do at a festival, we tip bringing eye drops. We'll admit that's an oh-so-subtle dig at the multitudes of friends who've managed to get everything in and between suncream, facepaint and acid rain in their eyes during festival events - shout out to the Saint John's Ambulance team's eye bathing skills - and you know, eye drops are a pretty good hangover cure, too.

Fellow Bupa collaborators Romeo and the Lonely Girl, Emily Divine and Being Little went for locating the first aid tent, using sunscreen and drinking plenty of water; all solid tips from people who've probably got more sensible friends than us. Watch out for the infographic on a screen near you soon!


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