Howling Owl Records celebrate third birthday

3rd birthdayArchetypal indie DIY label Howling Owl Records have had some of the best local acts roosting on their roster for some time. Recently Spectres' Joe Hatt and Adrian Dutt announced that their happy home for Bristol music will celebrate its third birthday, with several gigs and events lined up in the coming weeks.

As the main marker for year three of business, there will be a series of special shows at the Centrespace Gallery from 26th-30th July. Though the line-up for each night is a secret, the acts include Anthroprophh, Falling Stacks, Oliver Wilde, Velcro Hooks and Spectres themselves, among many others.

Before that however we also have R.I.P Towns, the sad, final release from one of our most enjoyed names on their roster, and on 27th June the Centrespace Gallery will also be hosting the first ever exhibition from label's artistic side-project; 'bulb'. For details on all these events for Howling Owl Records' 3rd birthday, check out their Facebook page.


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