What Headphones are the Best for Music Lovers?

HeadphonesI’ve always loved music. Ever since I was very small, and my parents gave me a Postman Pat portable cassette player with a mini microphone. I used the device to record songs off the car radio, holding the mic to the speakers and pretending not to notice the dismal crackle that drowned out everyone from Spice Girls to Crowded House. Interludes included a chat with my cat, Sniff, and verses from my latest copy of Meg & Mog. I guess those tapes were podcast prototypes of DrunkenWerewolf, in a way.

Weirdly, this obsession with new technology (and less weirdly, Postman Pat) hasn’t transferred to later life. I play CDs on my laptop and in my car. I don’t own a cassette player anymore. I do own a vinyl player, but only because the black disc-thingy doesn’t fit in the tele-box player. Okay, fortunately I’m not quite that daft. My lack of equipment is down to practicality rather than limited experience. Technology is expensive, but a recent foray into the world of headphones has opened my eyes to how beneficial new technology can be to the average music listener.

Primarily, playing music through my laptop’s crappy speakers carries the problem of making everything I listen to sound fifty times worse than it actually is. I once tried to showcase Buffalo Clover to my Mum, but she complained it sounded like Dolly Parton screaming underwater. I continue to blame Toshiba. Through a pair of high quality on-ear headphones, the music transforms into an audible delight fit for the Gods. In-ear, over-ear and ear-bud headphones aren’t too bad either, as the music that finds a home on my MP3 player will attest.

I’ve gone through a lot of headphones, but nothing really beats my trusty pair of Sennheiser’s. It’s no wonder the brand claimed Best Seller status across the board in 2014. Sennheiser’s higher end products retail at a few hundred pounds, but in my opinion they’re more than worth the money. If you don’t have quite so much to spare you can pick up a lower end set for around 25 pounds and still benefit from the noticeable difference in quality when compared to other brands in this price range.

It’s true what they say: money makes the world go around. It also makes music sound a whole lot better and if you can afford better quality headphones why wouldn’t you? But whatever your budget, there are a huge variety of amazing headphones that will all transfer “Dolly Parton screaming underwater” into a blossoming gypsy-country ranch; you just need to know what you’re looking for. Let us know your favourite brand of headphones below!


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