Premiere: guns’ addictive slice of alt pop, “I Know Exactly How It Feels”

I Know Exactly How It Feels gunsA cool splash of water to the face following what's otherwise been a miserably downcast and particularly busy day; this evening we're very happy, nee relieved to premiere I Know Exactly How It Feels by erstwhile pop act guns.

The project of 24-year-old Gunhild Jarwson Tekle, a Norwegian art-school graduate; guns previously garnered attention for her lead song "Ricochet" - an equally hypnotic and addictive slice of alt pop at its Nordic best. With the likes of Blah Blah Science, Not Many Experts and NME Radar watching her back, guns will no doubt impress with "I Know Exactly How It Feels", a refreshingly simply but ultimately talented nosedive into electro pop.

Now based in Copenhagen, Denmark, having grown up in the country's town of Trondheim, both "Ricochet" and "I Know Exactly How It Feels" represent a coming of age for the young singer songwriter, who hopes to release her debut EP shortly. "I Know Exactly How It Feels" will be released as a single on 23rd October 2015.

Listen to "I Know Exactly How It Feels" below and find out more about guns here.


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