Freedom Fry release two new songs

Freedom FryFreedom Fry were made to make music that appeals to the masses. Consisting of Parisian born Marie Seyrat and Michigan native Bruce Driscoll, the duo create quirky minimalistic music with a foundation rooted in dance hooks. Whether it be Seyrat’s fashion background working with Gucci or Driscoll’s long life in the music industry, there’s an understanding both of the audio and visual aesthetic that surround Freedom Fry.

In just two short years the band have released their well-received debut EP Earthquake, as well as several concept driven EPs inspired by their road trip across the states. Now, over a year since Friends and Enemies once again brought the band wide-acclaim, Freedom Fry release two new songs lifted from a planned 8-song future album. “Home" showcases the band's skill for finding melody and catchiness in the simplest instrumentation, a laid-back anthem for the smoggy LA summer. Their cover of “Scarborough Fair” is a delightful slice of nostalgia, the modern production working in harmony with the more classic elements of the original.

 Though no date has been set for Freedom Fry’s next release it’s hard not to get excited after hearing what they’ve been working on. Check out the bands new songs below.


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  1. Soizick 03/07/2014 at 11:28 pm #

    So talented ! Make you feell the L.A. Atmosphere ….. We love too the ÉP “outlaws” writen while doing a trip in the wild west !!!!….

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