Premiere: The Foreign Films strip back for “Girl By the River” video

girl by the riverToday we're very happy to premiere the new video for "Girl By the River", a song by The Foreign Films. The stream accompanies the release of 'Side 3' of new album The Record Collector; a unique collection of songs released in an unconventional format. Learn more about The Record Collector here.

The Foreign Films first peaked DrunkenWerewolf's interest in 2011, when singer songwriter and project lead Bill Majoros reached out to us with news of his Fire From Spark EP. A timeless artist whose pop melodies take listeners right back to the foundations of the genre, Majoros has gone on to impress with a prolific career. "Girl By the River" is the latest song to be plucked from this man's head, and we're all the more happy for it.

Says Bill of the song: "This song came to me in a daydream on a warm hazy afternoon in Northern Ontario. It's fable about the fragile magic of life. A tale of love, loss and keeping a sense of wonder alive as years drift by. My songs often have very full cinematic arrangements. I typically imagine them in bright technicolor. Girl by the River feels more soft focus film noir. It was a wonderful Transatlantic collaboration between myself and legendary string arranger Wim Oudijk that resulted in this minimalist tune - a song for the end of summer."

Watch the video for "Girl By the River" below and find out more about The Foreign Films here.


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