Stream: Fear of Men share the accessible dream pop of “Island”

islandBrighton based dream pop favourites Fear of Men are due to return with their second full length album, Fall Forever. News of the release comes bundled with the album's first single, "Island".

Described by singer Jessica Weiss as "an anthem to independence," "Island" acts as a perfect stepping stone between the band's debut album Loom and the new sounds of Fall Forever. The refined vocals gently get straight into your head, with some understated beats and suitably airy instrumentation making "Island" accessible and weighty at the same time.

The theme of independence reflects the upcoming album as a whole. Weiss went into the writing process with the desire of developing her own voice, without hiding behind obscurity and metaphor. The result is, she says, is a "very personal and genuine record exploring where my life is at the moment," covering a time that left her "questioning feelings of belonging and structures that commonly offer support and understanding."

Weiss describes Fall Forever as a "love album" but one that explores "emotional extremes of closeness and distance, love and violence."

Fall Forever is out June 3rd 2016 on Kanine Records.

Find out more about Fear of Men on their website and stream "Island" below:


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