Emily Clibourn shares “For the Love”

For the LoveLos Angeles based pop singer songwriter, Emily Clibourn tackles familiar ground on her new song, "For the Love". It’s a tale of destructive love, of being unable to walk away and of loving a boy from the wrong side of the tracks. It’s familiar territory, but Clibourn’s heartfelt and soulful approach gives the old standard a new lease of life.

Clibourn also takes inspiration from a less than expected source, explaining: "This song is simultaneously about my relationship with red wine and a man I used to be in love with. I knew I needed to leave that particular situation or person or habit, but had a really hard time doing so. I knew that I could, but had to work up the strength."

With some solid jazz and blues influences, "For the Love" establishes Clibourn as an artist worth keeping an eye on.

Clibourn started her entertainment career as a child actor, but decided to go down a musical path. She’s previously worked with notable musicians and producers, such as Curtis Byrd (Baby Bash), The Lost Children of Babylon, Antoneus Maximus and DJ Motiv8 (Black Eyed Peas). Her first solo album is out in October.

Find out more about Emily Clibourn on Facebook. Stream "For the Love" below:


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