Premiere: Elwell’s hypnotic folktronica piece, “Let the Rain Come In”

Let the Rain Come InForget Bon Iver collaborating with James Blake or even the cool tones of our Ones to Watch in 2016 star, Harrison Brome. Folktronica artist Andy Elwell is this year's newest synth strung craze. We premiere his song "Let the Rain Come In" below.

It's not as though Elwell has suffered a short career to date. The electronic whiz has mastered his trade over a twelve year period, working as a singer songwriter before collaborating with Minneapolis based producer Brett Bullion on his 2013 breakthrough of sorts, "Brave Soul". The song marked a transition in Elwell's career towards the sound of "Let the Rain Come In": a bleak, roaming advance on a relationship breakdown with a kind of blurry eyed hypnotism.

Elwell is now set to release his self-titled seventh album, on which "Let the Rain Come In" features. It embodies this change of heart, as the man himself explains: “I've been playing guitar for 20 years and I'm just bored of guitar music. When we were making the record, we decided to write songs with the idea that there were no rules. There was no sense of what we could and could not do.

Listen to "Let the Rain Come In" below and find out more about Elwell here.


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