Eleventh Day of Halloween: download Spaceships’ song “Ghost”

spaceshipsHalloween is special to us. The eve of All Saints’ Day marks DrunkenWerewolf’s Christmas, birthday and heyday if ever there was one. In previous years we’ve celebrated with a booming house party that nearly landed us with an ASBO, a werewolf flashmob, a new music showcase and more besides. This year we’re keeping things digital, but there’s plenty to gorge on. Over the next twelve days, as per the carol, we’ll be posting tricks and treats to the g(l)ory of our readers.

Our second instalment comes courtesy of phenomenal Los Angeles based band Spaceships, currently in possession of a debut album Cool Breeze Over the Mountain, spoken highly of here. The duo, comprised of Jessie Waite and Kevin LaRose, make lo-fi garage rock and throw pizza at each other in their videos. What more could you ask for?

We’ve hooked up with Spaceships to offer an exclusive download of their Halloween song “Ghost”, available below.


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