Du Blonde releases first single “Black Flag”

Du Blonde releases first single "Black Flag"Not too long ago Beth Jeans Houghton reincarnated herself as Du Blonde and after teasing what was to come she’s finally released her first new single “Black Flag”, which is available to download for free right here.

The teaser we saw a few weeks back pointed to an opposite pole, Du Blonde careening towards a more visceral sound and “Black Flag” has delivered that in spades. Whilst pre-existing fans may be shocked by this sudden change of pace, Du Blonde isn’t fazed.

“I feel no need to ease people in,” she explains. “’Black Flag’ is a good representation of the direction of the album. There are a few quieter, thoughtful tracks but the general mood is one of finally cracking. The record is a powerful release for me. It’s the result of finally sitting down and taking a look at my life, what I was angry about, what I needed to change.”

With full band performances at Roundhouse Rising Festival and 6Music Festival now behind her, Du Blonde will bide her time until more details arise regarding her new album, which is set for a spring release.

Have a listen to “Black Flag” and let us know what you think of this change in direction.


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