Don’t Make A Scene: a field guide to DIY gigs

Don't Make A Scene: A field guide to DIY gigsWe’re living in an age where a DIY ethic in music is ever more apparent, and in answer to this growing demand comes a new publication called Don’t Make A Scene.

 DIY gigs have so many positive aspects, other than the music itself. They have the power to bring together communities of creators, whether they are musicians, artists, photographers or just audiences. The lack of a mainstream setting and the red tape that goes with it means a more meaningful and personal experience for everyone involved. However, all these pros are often overshadowed by the daunting task of organising such events; fortunately that’s where Don’t Make A Scene come in.

 Pooling together a collective of DIY promoters, musicians, label heads,m tour managers, bookers, sound engineers and audience across the UK, Don’t Make A Scene is committed to providing advice and resources through first hand experience in the form of articles, interviews, illustrations and photographs. The final product: an easy to digest guide for the new and budding promoter.

 The first edition of Don’t’ Make A Scene is out 24th November. Limited to 300 copies, riso printed using soy inks and recycled paper and costing only £4 anyone interested in the DIY scene on a serious and casual level would be foolish to miss this great resource. Pre-order your copy here.


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