Django Django has a canvas full of colours on Marble Skies

Marble SkiesA fizzy cocktail of bubbling sights and sounds, the new album from Django Django Marble Skies rockets through a brilliant array of rave-shaped grooves. The beauty in its achievement does not come from any selection of conventional musical themes, but rather the handmade, cut and paste approach the band has called upon in the past. What should someone expect before ingesting the psychedelic adventure which is Marble Skies? Unfortunately, the best way to prepare is to dive right in, but buckle up, because it's a brilliant ride.

The album opens on the title track, which feels like bottled video game nostalgia. If there was ever an opportunity to digitise into a world of jumping plumbers, asteroids, and alien invaders, it would be right here and now. "Marble Skies" is an upbeat and thrilling anthem that never looks back or comes up for air. Drenched in dazzling synth and adrenaline-fueled drums, the track bounces across a devious canvas of neon shades. There's a robotic element that comes off as pleasantly organic, especially as each chorus washes over with a wave of crystal clear harmonies. Much of the album follows a similar format and contains the perfect balance of human and machine.

As exciting as walking the streets of TRON might seem, Django Django never stay in one place for too long. The elements of disco, new wave, and indietronica are challenged with tracks like "Further". Here, the music is a sinister stare. A main riff in the vein of The Black Keys couples with those infectious vocal harmonies in another bright and shimmering chorus. Add some garage rock into the mix? Sure, why not. The band paints with almost every genre conceivable. The common thread always jettisons through the center and welcomes the listener like a lighthouse in the storm of sounds.

Marble Skies is fascinating throughout every saccharine layer.  One of the exciting aspects is that with each new listen comes a new discovery. What instrument did they just play? Hold on, am I still listening to the same song? It becomes a thrill to peel away each psychedelic layer to see just how deep the tye dye coloured rabbit hole goes. Fans of Broken Bells or My Morning Jacket will find a conversation starter within the album's multi-purpose adventure. Sit back and enjoy the ride, because Django Django have turned on cruise control and are ready to entertain.

Release: 26th January 2018, BECAUSE Records

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