Dear Emily Scott,

If you like (and/or remember) the wonderful Kat Flint, then behold! Feast your ears on this lovely lady.

Like Kat, Emily Scott maximises her Edinburgh coo to croon her songs into a dreamy landscape - but there's no schmuck or sleaze to be found here. Scott's new song "London Plane" reminisces on a love lost to the Other Capital, with the subtle harmony of Liz Green sung to the tune of a new dawn. In short, it's superb.

Scott is currently putting the finishing touches to her third album I write letters I never send, a follow up to her self-released debut Longshore Drift and second album abcdefg…etc…, which was released through Aufgeladen Und Bereit. Both previous releases can be purchased here.

She plans to tour the UK this October.


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