Come to Bristol’s first Ladyfest fundraiser

How to put on a Ladyfest:

Step one – bargain with bands Step two – get passed on to booking agents by (probably well meaning) bands Step three – attempt to get a straight answer out of booking agents for weeks and weeks Step four – actually do something productive

On March 16th – that’s next Friday – Bristol Ladyfest will hold its first fundraiser at the Stag & Hounds, just off Old Market next to the Evening Post building (and up some stairs, and across the street, and down an alley... no not really, it’s right on the main road, I promise). Featuring touring band Hello Bear, alongside local heroes Bravo Brave Bats and Rock in your Pocket it sets out to prove men can be feminists too, while raising funds for the exclusively female main event. The evening will conclude with some loud DJ’d music and, as it’s the end of the week, shots.

Doors are 7pm and it costs a measly £4 to get in, so if you’re Bristol way, come along! More information here.


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