Cold, cold heart release “Megan”

Cold, cold heart release "Megan"We’ve been counting down the days and finally Cold, cold heart has announced the release of their new song “Megan”. Relishing in the tones and atmosphere of the season, “Megan” is a somber and enveloping piece that once again takes the listener away from reality for a brief moment, drowning the senses in densely layered melodies.

Things have stepped up somewhat since the release of “Wolf Eyes, You’re Staring”, which was only a few months ago. Not only does “Megan” show off the addition of string accompaniment, a droning sleeping giant that awakens with a thunderous shout as the song reaches its climax, but it’s an even more polished release than their previous outing, thanks to the help of Grammy award winning producer Steve Orchard, whose name has appeared in the credits for Paul McCartney and Peter Gabriel.

Once again written and recorded in a bedroom over a single weekend “Megan” is the first and most likely last release to be expected before Cold, cold heart return with their debut album, which is being written and recorded as we speak. We suppose it’s good and bad news rolled into one, but on the bright side an album is coming, so we’ll just have to be patient.

 “Megan” is out 19th January via the bands Soundcloud page.


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