Video: Chastity Belt parody Temple of the Dog on “Different Now”

Different NowSeattle alternative rock band Chastity Belt have shared a new video for their song "Different Now".

"Different Now" sees the band affectionately parodying grunge supergroup Temple of the Dog's classic "Hunger Strike" video.

Gently teasing, without ever being insulting, it sees the four-piece rocking out on a beach in the manner of Chris Cornell and friends. Plaid and enthusiastic guitar poses abound, the video is as much of a tribute as a pastiche.

The track is taken from the band's hotly anticipated third studio album I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone. The album was recorded live in July of 2016, with producer Matthew Simms (Wire) at Jackpot! in Portland, Oregon (the birthplace of some of Chastity Belt's favorite Elliott Smith records).

The album is a set of beautiful moody post-punk that finds Chastity Belt's views on full display, unobscured by humour. Unlike previous releases there is no irony in the title of "Different Now"; before she had Chastity Belt and the close relationships that she does now, Julia Shapiro (lead vocals and guitar) considered herself a career loner.

It's an album from a band continuing to grow and mature, a step forward rather than a stark departure.

I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone is out 2nd June 2017 on Hardly Art.

Find out more about Chastity Belt and watch "Different Now" below:


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