Catherine Irwin teams up with Bonnie Prince Billy Thrill Jockey signee أربح المال بسرعة اليوم Catherine Irwin has paired up with notorious melancholic boozer وأوضحت الخيارات الثنائية Bonnie Prince Billy on “Mockingbird”, a track taken from her forthcoming album Little Heater, due out September 17th. “A mockingbird flew in through my backdoor and got stuck inside my house for a while," Irwin says of her inspiration behind the sing, "It seemed like he didn’t want to leave. He was just sitting in the middle of my bed yelling at me. When he finally flew back out I saw that he had pooped psychedelic purple mulberry poop all over my bed. I am really afraid of birds so it seemed like some kind of an omen. French people think that it’s lucky if a bird poops on you. I am rather drawn to this kind of magical thinking.”

انقر The song, which matches Irwin’s backwater croon with Billy’s own trademark warble, was premiered on Paste Magazine and is available to download below.