Candy Darling release “Money”

Candy Darling release "Money"Bristol-based Candy Darling have announced the release of their debut single “Money” due out 1st September on pink vinyl and digital download. Resonating with the stylistic minimalism of Cliff Martinez’s soundtrack to Drive, “Money” quickly becomes a lo-fi assault on the senses, a deluge of grimy guitars and synth.

Originally a two-piece born out of a love for trashy punk laced with noir romanticism, Emily Breeze (vocals/guitar) and Rob Norbury (guitar) met during a four-day drinking binge. Escaping to Bristol with nothing more than a handful of records, some stolen stilettos and a primitive drum machine they began writing and performing as a two-piece, never using equipment that couldn’t be carried on public transport. This minimalistic set up is what helped Candy Darling grow and as a result led to the addition of a third member, Adam Coombs on synth and production duties.

Described as “the most fun you’ll ever have while being told to go fuck yourself,” Candy Darling create noise that is perfectly rough around the edges. You can pre-order “Money” here and listen to the track below.


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