Blessa streams “Island Minding”

island mindingAn audibly absorbing track from Sheffield five-piece Blessa, their new single "Island Minding" comes off the modernist band's debut Love Is An Evol Word EP, to be self-released 7th July 2014 on Carmel Records. Along with a stream of the song, Blessa have also confirmed they'll play London's Waiting Room on 2nd July.

Just as with their much enjoyed debut single "Between Times", Blessa's first collective release was recorded by MJ, who's also worked with Hookworms and Menace Beach. As this new single demonstrates amirably, the quintet are a much watch for UK guitar dreampop at the moment.

You can listen to "Island Minding" yourself via the stream below, and you can learn more on Blessa themselves via their Facebook page.


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