News: Barry Hyde explores mental illness on upcoming album Malody

Barry HydeBarry Hyde, lead singer and guitarist from The Futureheads, has announced details of his debut solo album, Malody.

As Hyde explains, the album will be a departure from what people may have come to expect from him: "Those of you familiar with my work with The Futureheads may be expecting an album of new wave inspired, four part harmony, guitar music. Malody couldn't be further away from that. The album is based around my first instrument, the piano, and also features violin, cello, double bass, tenor and baritone sax, pedal steel and trumpet."

Malody will be a deeply personal album, exploring Hyde's experience of and coping with mental illness. He says: "This album is a musical representation of what it feels like to experience the extreme states of mind that characterise bipolar existence. Like many bipolar people, creativity is central to my life, central even, to my illness.

 This album is a bipolar album, it was written in the rare and exquisite moments of intense creativity that comes in an almost complimentary way with the highs and lows. It's a deep, highly personal catharsis, a document of my experience."

Malody will be released on the 3rd June 2016 on Sirenspire Records.

Pre-order and find out more about the album on Barry Hyde's PledgeMusic page and stream album preview track "Sugar" below:


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