AViVAA release “Guilded Cage”

AViVAA release "Guilded Cage"AViVAA continue their ascent through the ranks as one of the most exciting newcomers in the past year with the release of their new single “Guilded Cage”, Aviva Payne and Matais Coulter settling further into the sound they continue to exude.

Using their patented minimalist stlye with a healthy concoction of worldly instruments thrown into the brew, “Guilded Cage” is as full bodied an experience as you could find. The blend of indie stylings, electronic palettes and dark atmospheric beats find a wonderful harmony with the gloom pop vocals a la Aviva. Don’t let that minimalist vibe fool you though, the ever swirling vocal layers are much more complex than they seem, the subtlety of it all speaking volumes for AViVAA’s prowess.

After the success of their first three singles “Reel Me In”, “XX” and “CRYSTALEYES”, the return of AViVAA has been a highly anticipated one and their latest track “Guilded Cage” is every bit as joyous as fans could have expected.

Their infancy as a band does not draw away from their maturity as songwriters, each release diving deeper into a well of new and rich influences. After just a year together the band has been played 270,000 times on Spotify as well as reaching millions around the globe thanks to Syncs with Bardot, Rockstar Energy Drink and NatGeo. If anything, 2015 promises to be even more fruitful for the two-piece.


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