Audiophiles Presents: End of 2012 Showcase

This Saturday 15th December new music hosts Audiophiles will put on a Bristol band extravaganza at the soon to be re-launched Louisiana. Featuring some of the greatest acts around including a fair few DrunkenWerewolf favourites, it promises to be an excellent showcase of the talents on offer in our fair city.

Covering all three floors, including the Louie’s titchy yet intimate basement as well as the bar area on the ground floor and the traditional band venue upstairs, doors will open at 6pm and close at 2am, and tickets are available in advance from the Bristol Ticket Shop or Rise for £7, £9 on the door. Don’t forget to check out the Audiophiles website for details of other upcoming events, as well as their fast-becoming legendary music sit-ins, playing current releases to hungry ears!

To celebrate we’ve put together a mixtape of the artists who will perform, available to stream below.


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