Introducing: Annabel Allum

Annabel AllumBrimming with dirty riffs and drawling vocals, Annabel Allum is coming of age as one of the UK’s leading singer-songwriters.

While many emerging acts at the moment sing from the same, rote folk-pop hymn sheet, Allum is carving out an entirely different path with her snarling, venomous sound.

Latest track “Eat Greens” is, on the face of it, the most vicious song about healthy eating you’ve ever heard. Allum’s manipulation of the metaphor to frame her choices between right and wrong is indicative of the genuine song writing intelligence that lurks beneath the growling vocals.

The contrast to Allum’s earlier music is startling, shedding the haunting, Marika Hackman-esque alt-folk of “Foxes” and bringing to the fore something so very different.

The change is a welcome one, and with an EP due in the summer, her latest tracks are just an insight into the powerful new sound she’s been cultivating. With the Guildford-born artist appearing at The Great Escape later this month, and Camberley International Festival in June, there’s a definite desire to get out and perform more shows now the sound is nailed down.

Able to transition so seamlessly across genres in a way many experienced acts wouldn’t be able to manage, there’s definitely more to come from such a vibrant and uncomplicated artist with lots to say.


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  1. Guitar Graph 19/05/2017 at 9:13 am #

    hearing annabel allums reminds me of a girl power fronted bands back in the 90s.

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